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Another mike
« on: July 01, 2015, 09:51:38 PM »
My late husband's name was Mike. In January, I went on Match. I didn't want to meet any men named Mike because I thought it would be too hard. Well, I started putting one off and cancelled a date on him. I felt guilty for it, so I called him. I liked what I heard on the phone and thought "I could really be friends with him." So we met. Talking with him was easy. We talked for a couple of hours, laughing and just enjoying each other's stories and personalities. He asked if he could kiss me and I said no. He asked if he could see me again, I said yes. So our next date, he brought up the name thing and asked me to please call him something other than Mike because he was afraid I would always think of my lLH and be sad. I asked what his middle name is and discovered it is identical to my LH. Yikes!
We have been on some amazing dates. An Air Supply concert with a five star dinner, roses and chocolates. A trip to Malibu and Disneyland. Valentine's Day we went to a haunted house. We've been to Galveston to a wedding  together. Each time, we stay in different rooms and our kids are there and share rooms with their parent. It sounds extravagant, I know. I actually asked him why he took me on dates like that and he said "I knew the moment I met you that you were special and I wanted you in my life. I wouldn't do this for anybody else. "
He is so patient and understanding with my grief and my fears, insecurities and anxieties about dating and a new relationship. He comforts me, reassured me, waits for me and makes me laugh.
While in Malibu, he asked my daughter for her blessing to propose. She said no. I have begun to see a counselor to help me with the guilt I feel for her loss and the control she has over my life. Mike has offered to go with me, if I want.
Last night, we were supposed to have a date. We haven't had any alone time for a month. He wound up taking care of a friend who had surgery yesterday but asked me to come visit for a while because he missed me. While driving over to see him, I began worrying about how he was letting a teen dictate his life and I got very upset and praying that God would fix things for us. I showed up and his friend left the room. Mike got down on one knee and said "There is never going to be a perfect time or perfect place. I wanted it to be special but I don't want to miss the opportunity because I'm waiting for the perfect time and perfect place." He pulled out a ring and asked me to marry him.
I know people will judge, people will question. But I can't imagine letting somebody else decide for me on this one. There is no doubt in my mind that I want to spend my life with him. I love him.
I'm engaged!


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Re: Another mike
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Congratulations Mel!  I'm happy for you.  Wishing you and your new Mike many years of blissful happiness.


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Re: Another mike
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Congratulations!  Sounds like you found a really good guy.



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Re: Another mike
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Best wishes.


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Re: Another mike
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Congratulations and best wishes, Mel!

Take care,
Rob T
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Re: Another mike
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Congratulations and best wishes!

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Re: Another mike
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Congratulations on your engagement!


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Re: Another mike
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Wow, congratulations!


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Re: Another mike
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Mel, I wish you and Mike every happiness. You deserve it. Congratulations! Xxxx
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Re: Another mike
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I wish you all the best.
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Re: Another mike
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Blessings to you both!!
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