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« on: July 04, 2015, 08:29:52 AM »
I hate this month. My niece was rollerblading with my phone and broke the screen. Now I've lost all of my text messages that we sent the months we were married. I hope I can get the screen fixed.

Our first and only married fourth of July, we argued. I don't know if I remember it so well because that was our first and really our only argument but every time I think of this holiday that is what I think of. He was being amazing like always that night but I was aggravated at his family and took it out on him. Why? Now it all seems so silly.

In 15 days it will be three years since he went away. Where did all of that time go? It seems like yesterday.

I just hate this day. I'm trying to put on my brave face for my nieces and my nephew but all I really want to do is lay in bed and sleep all day.
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Re: July
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I am so sorry about your phone , i think there are places that can fix the screens
I saved two voice mails don left me on my phone but figured out away to put them on my computer
I don't like today either
Don and I used to have a big cookout this weekend every year,
one of my favorite time of these cookouts was him and I , after everyone left , just sitting and having a drink and talking about the day
but no cookout this year .... first 4th with out him
so I to would love to pull the covers over my head and just let the day go away
take care
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Re: July
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Big Big hugs to you!!!  15 days from now marks 4 years my FIL has been gone from us and in 22 days will be the third year mark of our accident that took my husband.  I HATE this month.  The fireworks make it worse. 

Im sorry your struggling.  I wish I could hug you in person and make the month go away all together for both of us. 


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Re: July
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I am so sorry about your phone and that you are struggling. I do hope you are able to get your phone screen repaired, so you don't lose your cherished messages. If not, your phone carrier might have a way to recover them. It wouldn't hurt to ask.  (((Hugs)))
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Re: July
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Monday will be three years since DH passed away. He loved fireworks, and all things that go bang, explode, etc. I like to think that the entire country, (and Canada beginning on the 1st) is honoring him this week.

Of course he would say that was complete rubbish. And it still sucks..  but for some reason, June is just so much harder for me than July.

I am sorry about your phone and hope you are successful in recovering your messages. (( ))'s
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Re: July
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Oh my gosh! I hope those messages will be retrievable! Anything our loved ones wrote or typed carry so much value and meaning. I just sent up a prayer for you regarding this.

July 4th left me gloomy. Brooks adored July 4th. He liked all the hubbub of activity--family cookouts, (the man didn't meet a hamburger he didn't love, or wolf down!), watching his nephews running in the yard, wielding sparklers, taking in the fireworks show from the deck of his lake house, and--he'd be too sheepish to admit it, but July 4th was the official kickoff towards his birthday at the end of the month.

My parents put on a small fireworks display, and it was pretty, but I felt incomplete and detached without Brooks. He made everything in my life all the more special.


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