Author Topic: When things are out of your control and widow card doesn't work  (Read 647 times)


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So I'm stuck. I'm in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and my flight to Amsterdam to our Eurobago is severely delayed and is scheduled to leave now at 3am in the morning. All the shops and restaurants in the airport will be closed. I'm getting really wound up about this. I tweeted KLM to ask if they'd give me access to the lounge as compensation. They said no. Then I pulled widow card and explained that I'm a young widow going to meet other young widows and that I'm very emotional about it. No recognition from them :-( I've never had widow card not work before - I don't use it frequently though.

On top of that, the girl I've been seeing messaged to tell me that she just got 'the call' from her mother's hospice. She's about to die. Cue tears.

Please channel some positive energy in my direction please. I'm not feeling particularly Powerwidow right now and all I want is to meet my wids on weed/wheels at our bago.
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Re: When things are out of your control and widow card doesn't work
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Thats stressful and I am surprised that KLM isnt a little more understanding. Sending positive vibes your way - just think you will be with the WOW group soon !