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On line dating vents and laughs......

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Why do I assume everyone I talk to is honest.

You chat with someone for a few days, make plans to meet, day and time, just need to pick a place, he knows I need to make childcare plans, and poof, the day before he stops responding even though he is seen on the site.  What do these jerks find so amusing about this?
Just man up and say you changed your mind. Don't appear interested if you are not! Sheesh!

I really don't know if I am up for trying this again. It's so infuriating!

Feel free to add your on line dating vents.

Captains wife:
Yes...been there a number of times. I also found that I would make a date with a guy, then he would find out about my single mother/widow status and then cancel. There was one guy in particular, a teacher, who seemed really into me - we emailed, texted, chatted on the phone, had a great Sat night date planned in Boston and then he cancelled right after he found out I was a widow with a son. (And he did via an email right after phone call but not admitting why exactly.) I went out once with a self made guy in Newport - thought 1st date went well, he seemed really into me, great chemistry, seemed to want to go out again. We texted several times a day for a few weeks. We had a romantic 2nd date planned, I had arranged child care etc, then poof - disappeared.

But then again, we wouldnt want to end up with these types of guys either. I wish people could be upfront in the dating game but most arent. The issue with online dating is there is so much choice out there  - on both sides. Saying that, however, I did meet some really great men when I did online dating so they are out there - it just takes a bit of time to weed through the "un"matches to find your match. Wishing you all the best - none of this is easy!

Thanks Captain wife. So sorry you dealt with this too.

I know there are good ones out there.  I just wish the jerks weren't.

I wasn't sure I wanted to try again but thought why not about a week ago. This guy is 50, knew my widow status with kids, and seemed very into me. Boy my gut feeling must be really off.

I have grumbles to match.  On the weekend, two women "liked" me on match, and the second one initiated an e-mail as well.  I contacted the first who seemed interested in meeting and suggested a time, crickets since Friday.  The second one was just yesterday afternoon, so it's too early to call crickets, but I feel like I know what to expect.  I don't understand why people just stop.  An analogy I have used before is people talking on the phone and then wandering off without bothering to hang up.

Take care,
Rob T

Rob, I'm sorry.

Your analogy is right on the mark. Do people feel being on line means all social skills are out the window?

A simple "Thanks for chatting, I'm pursuing something with someone, and would like to give that a chance. Perhaps we can chat again soon" would work for me. We all know that some can have many on the go but a little social grace should still be expected.


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