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On line dating vents and laughs......

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A little backstory for new wids. I haven't ventured into online dating unless Facebook counts. A lot of men contact me through Facebook. Back in May I decided to take a break from dating. It was just very underwhelming and unsatisfying.

On my birthday, August 28th, I ran into a guy I graduated high school with at the gas station. I was airing my tires and glanced back at him. He looked familiar, but I just went back to airing my tires. Then I left. He messaged me on Facebook asking if I was just at the gas station airing my tires. Our conversation started from there. We met for lunch a few days later.  We started meeting for lunch once a week, talking and texting daily, then seeing each other more often,  evenings, etc.  I'm an over thinker, so I'm trying really hard just to take it one day at a time. I really enjoy his company. He's a great guy. We're always laughing, both sarcastic. I feel really comfortable with him.

Good for you, Virgo!


--- Quote from: arneal on November 07, 2017, 01:12:54 PM ---Good for you, Virgo!

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Thank you! I'm cautiously optimistic.

Not really a vent, more of a question.

How many men/women do you talk to online at a time? It feels like if I am not careful I am going to have to many conversations going at once. Three seems to be about my limit. Also after a few days of chatting I want to do a meet and greet before investing to much more time in a conversation.

First Widow:
I think 3 was my limit too.  Actually it was a good number because I quickly realized that when I got a notification, I was disappointed if it was from #2 or #3 and I focused my attention on #1.  It took us about 3 weeks to meet in person, but it was February and the weather was wreaking havoc with attempts to get together.

Good luck!


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