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On line dating vents and laughs......

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People feel entitled to be jerks with online dating, guys and gals, imho. It is the whole anonymous thing. Very little chance of you running into them at the local food mart.


--- Quote from: RobFTC on July 13, 2015, 11:08:50 AM ---I have grumbles to match.  On the weekend, two women "liked" me on match, and the second one initiated an e-mail as well.  I contacted the first who seemed interested in meeting and suggested a time, crickets since Friday.  The second one was just yesterday afternoon, so it's too early to call crickets, but I feel like I know what to expect.  I don't understand why people just stop.  An analogy I have used before is people talking on the phone and then wandering off without bothering to hang up.

Take care,
Rob T

--- End quote ---

That too.

I had one fellow email me that he was looking forward to meet me and five days later - ncns.  It wasn't his fault, though. He had revived a former relationship.  Two weeks after that he answered another ad I'd posted.

I chatted with one man at 9 a.m. about meeting between noon and two. He never showed. When I emailed him that evening he claimed to have called me during the morning and getting no answer determined that I had backed out. Nope, not willing to re-schedule, either.  I never received a call, and my cell didn't list any missed calls. A year or so later he, too answered my ad again.  I emailed him and reminded him that a year ago we'd set up a meeting and he'd no called-no showed.  He admitted at that time, yeah, sometimes he just does that. He was sensitive to rejection.

I had a fellow answer my ads a couple times, thinking I was a prostitute.   Nothing wrong with being one, everybody's gotta earn a living somehow.  My ad was quite clear that I was looking for a relationship, though. After a couple times I started to include at the end, "Colonel Jack, I'm not a pro. Don't bother responding to this ad."  Quite a few men wrote, wanting to know what was the deal and who was Colonel Jack?

I saved one cute looking man to my "favorites' list on OKCupid.  A day or so later he blocked me. :-(

Dating (nowadays) is not for the faint of heart.  People who have only typed into the computer don't have as many reservations about hurting our feelings because they've never met us. until they do, somehow we aren't real. There are good people out there. 

I guess I understand the anonymity thing but wouldn't it be interesting to actually run into them in person. Surprise! I'm real you jerk!

Nonesuch, what losers have crossed your path!

Hi, friends.
I haven't posted in a while, but do read and check in now and then.

Perfectly timed post @momtokam and others ... I've also been braving the online dating scene these past couple of weeks.
You aren't alone in the "bizarr-o" stories. I can spin a tale and have my non-widowed friends laughing, but seriously ... this is our life, right? Not so funny.

I've had a bunch of "...great, thanks for your number, I'll call you this afternoon" - never to be heard from again (then I see them checking out my profile again days later).

One who said it was perfectly fine for me to google him before our planned beach walk and dinner date; I do and see the numerous articles reporting his indictment for drug smuggling - okay, even then I extended him the social courtesy of a note when I bowed out.

Those that text "have a good weekend" - ummm, it is Wednesday, but okay.  Code for I'll never hear from you again. Delete that conversation.

The one who I felt had "potential," who flew in from Atlanta to meet, had a wonderful first meeting at the airport, enjoyed a lovely waterside meal, had an engaging conversation of depth ... when a look came over his face and he said, "Whoa, you are really grounded, centered and so amazing, you've really done your work. I've clearly been faking it and I'm so sorry I misled you that I have it all together; I'm a mess. I'm so sorry." And left back to the airport.  Three and one-half hours - a new all-time low. 

And here is the doozy of the day - there was the one who just today wrote to me, a widowed artist - asking me how long I had been divorced (widowed is in my profile), and answered one of those questions  they ask you ("Is art important to you") with a crass "I don't give a crap about art."

The ones that call just to have some playful banter on the phone and are always shocked that I am intelligent, fairly articulate and can "keep up." I have no idea who else they are talking to, but those are just one-offs, it seems. Like someone random to talk to for a few minutes.

Oh, how about this one - I don't understand the lack of courtesy of a reply when a woman writes a short note of introduction. Whether interested or not, acknowledge please. I find that rather rude. But just hit delete. 

And I know for sure that the "crazy" works in both gender directions. Just retelling a few of mine in the last two weeks.

This got long - so, I guess I'm making up for not posting for so long!
I'm trying not to get jaded, just using my filter, thinking the initial best of others (unless/until they teach me otherwise), staying hopeful and optimistic, having fun with it - casually dating - and trying not to take any of it too personally. Everything in its right time. 

Maybe a sexy summer romance will introduce himself to me soon ... one that doesn't necessarily end with the turn of the season.  8)

Good luck to us all.


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