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I'm not quite sure that I am "Beyond Active Grieving" but I aspire to be and I thought that a thread posting about positive steps towards living in chapter 2, instead of just surviving, would be a good step.  I hope others who are finding their way will join me so we can inspire each other.

My recent positive step is that I am starting to make financial decisions on my own.  DH was a financial advisor and I let him take the lead in most financial decisions.  2 weeks ago I bought my son a used car.  I did all of the research and feel really good about my choice!  I am a practical and competent woman and I can make decisions on my own.

For the first time in 2-? years I am in a place where I am ok with being alone.  I don't want to be alone, but I am not fearing it.  i was in a relationship pretty early out that has died a slow uncomfortable death.  It hurt like hell, but I am already able to see it as a gift, a stepping stone to show me what I need and want, and what I have to offer.

I kinda almost might maybe feel like I have my shit together these days.  How about that!?!

Kinda almost might maybe having your shit together sounds huge to me! 

Way to go Mangomom!  I also have fleeting moments (more often now) where I feel as though I've got it together too. 

And Hachi, I'm so glad you followed - when people talk about being a Widow Vet, I think about how this is the third board we've been a part of... let's hope it sticks around awhile :)


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