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screw genetics!
« on: July 17, 2015, 08:18:15 AM »
What kind of sick genetic joke is being played here? In my circle of friends, illness is becoming a plague. First there was DH who for no reason whatsoever contracted lung cancer. Another has since then had major cardiac surgery. Yet another was afflicted with breast cancer. (those two are now OK) Now, two of the guys are in bad shape. One of them had a lung transplant and it's failing. He will have to stay in hospital until a second one can be performed. The other one is in the last stages of some form of hematological cancer.

We don't live in a nuclear waste area. We live reasonably healthy lives. Probably should be eating more kale, but nothing major. Half these guys are doctors, so it's not like we lack access to good medical opinions. And yet, in the space of 5 years, we might lose 3 of them. We're in our forties, dammit. I used to "laugh" (gallows humour) that I was pretty teflon given that there's no statistical way that my children would lose two parents separately at a young age in this day and age. Now look at us. I do not want to have to visit anyone else in the hospital. I want to go to funerals for old people only. People about whom you can safely say "he died peacefully". Not people about whom you want to shout "he died angrily because this is so dramatically premature and unfair". How many eulogies can start with the rabbi saying "This is a tragedy, there is no other word for it" (first words for my DH's)

What the hell is wrong with this gene pool???