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and I just feel numb.  I don't know if it is shock, or the fact that I have been sick for the last few days, but today, I just feel numb.  I am in utter disbelief that I could have made it an entire year without my Kenneth.  Here I am, though, so very numb.  Maybe it will sink in, in a day or two, and I won't feel this way.  Maybe it will hit me, when I finally slow down enough to head toward the bed.  I promised my New Guy I would take care of myself and get rest tonight, so I will have to go into that room, where my Kenneth died, and lie down on that bed, where he drew his last breath, in a little while.

I had wanted to write something heartfelt and profound to mark the one year anniversary, but I am too sick and tired tonight.  Maybe, in a day or two, I will find the words that I wanted to share.  I might make that my first official new topic in the "Beyond the First Year" section.  In the meantime, I will include my comments about his final day on my other thread about his last week.  It seems fitting to put it there.

Big hugs to you lcoxwell.  The one year mark brought such a mixed bag of emotions for me.  The lead up was tortuous then I realized that there was no magic in making it to a year, it simply meant an end to all of the "firsts". 

I hope you do take care of yourself and get some rest. 

I'm sorry, it's such a hard day.

Is there such a thing as too many hugs? I wish I had something more tangible to offer...


There's no pressure. No hurry.

The one year mark has such an epic milestone aura about it that we forget it's only one day more than yesterday and one less than tomorrow and nothing momentous is likely to happen or change from yesterday to tomorrow accept that a couple more days have passed by.

When the time comes to write, paint, sculpt, create whatever to express yourself and what your time together, and now apart, has meant - you will know and the expression will come.

Numb is normal. Getting to this day is exhausting in many ways.

You did good. And if you want to sleep in another room or on the sofa - do it.


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