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The bagel was just the beginning, now I'm on a roll!

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Okay, sorry, that was terrible. Just awful. But I couldn't resist. I'll justify it by saying that Jim adored puns, the more dreadful the better.  ;D

I didn't go back to Panera for breakfast, but I did get past another little obstacle. Very little, and silly-- but there it is. I colored my hair.

It had been over a year since I dyed it last-- about five inches of my natural dark brown had grown out, leaving my hair decidedly two-toned. (In my heart I'm a ginger.) For awhile I could imagine that I was sporting that trendy ombr? look, but when my 9-year-old commented on it the other day, I gave up the pretense. It's vain, it's self-indulgent... but it's a move forward. Three months ago I couldn't have possibly cared less about the condition or color of my stupid hair! Call it... another sign of life returning?

Jim always liked the results, but he wasn't a fan of the coloring process. He complained that I didn't "smell right" for days. That sounds weird, I guess, but it made me feel so... cared for. I can't explain it. Now there's no one to notice, or gripe about the chemical undertones. I have this image in my head of him wrinkling his nose and saying, "It's pretty, but I'll be glad when you smell like you again." :)

Anyway, I'm claiming it as progress. Wonder what my next little milestone will be?



Bad puns are the best!

Good job on coloring your hair. It is progress to want to take care of yourself again, and to want to feel better and like the way you look. I remember thinking I was finally making progress when I cared about painting my toenails again.

Lol..love the title!
I remember not caring at all what I looked like..most days I didn't get out of my pyjamas. Still somedays I am like that..but for me it was the eyeliner. I wore makeup, but just the bare minimum, recently I started wearing eyeliner, that's me actually caring what I look like! I also giggled a little over him not liking the smell of hair dye..It really isn't the nicest smelling stuff, but not nearly as bad as those at home perm kits my grandma used to use in the 80's, those were horrible! Even thinking about them burns my nose hairs!
Yay for you and all these milestones :)

GO JEN!!!!!!!! That's a huge step! I'm so happy for you :) When I saw the topic I instantly started to smile (I remember the bagel thread from the old board) and thought, ok, cool! What's Jen up to now? This will be good :)


This post made me chuckle out loud Jen. Congrats on the progress! I could relate to the two tone look. I am sporting a three tone as I type here. I was just starting to get back into "my groove" when I was thrown another *hit sandwich . Its been one hell of a bad ride and my appearance is hideous at the moment!

I am looking forward to that day when I rid myself of this so not good look! I don't think gray on top of brown with blonde ends is gonna be a trend any time soon  :o.  This post gives me hope! Baby steps..I can do this, right?



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