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« on: August 05, 2015, 05:28:30 PM »
So, over the years I have just ignored or hidden post on FB that make me mad or upset as far as suicide and guns. I have only deleted a few people for things they have said because it was a repeated offense.

Sign pops up the evening (granted I am having an anxious evening as school starts back tomorrow) and it says DO NOT SCROLL DOWN WITHOUT REPOSTING: LIKE AND SHARE IF YOU WOULD STAY UP ALL NIGHT WITH SOMEONE TO PREVENT SUICIDE.

It just made me so angry because I did, I have, and I will again if I need to but that didn't prevent it from happening. I didn't respond because I am not sure how it would come out and I am sure she brought it from a good place but really.....just staying up with someone won't keep them from it.

How do you respond or keep yourself from responding?
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Re: to NOT respond
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My coping mechanism is much like yours, I turn off as much of this as possible. It is a huge pet peeve of mine when people post such nonsense. Sleeping at the foot of your son's bed will not prevent his getting bashed in the head with a shovel the week he eludes you and spends the night out in the woods at a popular hang out. The times I have gently corrected people about living with MI the response is a "deer in the headlight" look. They just don't realize how simplistic and ridiculous their "feel good" posts are.

It feels to me like they are saying "there, I did my part" when they post this bull$#!t when in fact they have done nothing to educate themselves about the reality of living with depression, bi-polar, schizophrenia, addiction.

Once in a blue moon I will post a link to NAMI, but other than that, I just realize that you have to pick you moments to educate those who might actually want to hear how they can "do something" and know when to ignore those who will never do more than post.
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Re: to NOT respond
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I understand your frustration with the trivialization of suicide prevention that you mention. A few excerpts from an essay I once wrote out of similar frustration:

"As a survivor of suicide (SOS) of my wife, I have a problem with how suicide is commonly portrayed to the public, not only by the news media, but even by suicide prevention groups in their attempt to raise awareness through the use of online educational material and sponsorship of live events. While I of course commend these organizations greatly for the attention they bring to this important issue, I think that often in the process ... they trivialize prevention ... which I find the personally insulting as well as potentially harmful to many SOS widow(er)s like myself."

"To encourage personal involvement, these organizations consistently promote the public misconception that preventing a suicide is pretty straightforward, perhaps even easy, while dismissing the tremendous challenges that may actually be involved. All that is required to save a life, they seem to imply, is to first learn the warning signs of suicide, and if observed, to then intervene by encouraging the person at risk and to seek help, after which they will be on the road to recovery."

"... the actual efforts required to save a life ... far exceed those that are commonly promoted. Education and vigilance amount to very little here since suicide risk cannot be accurately gauged even by highly trained psychiatric professionals and the warning signs will likely be ever present. These organizations' advocacy of personal intervention is misleading as well, since their characterization of its being brief and casual grossly understates the level of commitment and care that would actually be needed to make a difference."

Perhaps I will post the entire essay as a separate thread. It is a bit long though.

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Re: to NOT respond
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Thanks each have touched on points in my own thinking.

I appreciate your responses.
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