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Since we are losing a lot of the board's history, I just wanted to share how the first Widowbago came about.  This is an excerpt from a post that Abbe, one of the original members shared in July 2003. She shared this story with anyone that asked, including myself, so I'm sure she would be fine sharing it again here to preserve the concept and the history. Please feel free to post your first Bago experience here.

"I thought I would start this thread because alot of you might be wondering what exactly is a Widowbago Gathering.

I found this board when I was widowed about 11 months. At that time there were only 20 or so people posting and we spoke only thru the message board.
At some point in time, there was talk about meeting in NYC.
I wanted so badly to go, but absolutely terrified.
How could I possibly meet people online??? How could I travel into the city by myself???
I had one foot into committing and the other out.
I asked a local widow friend to go with me, and all I got was excuses.
I felt if I didn't go and take one step forward I would have more to lose.
Up until the moments I left, I almost backed out.
I decided not to stay overnight, figured if I didn't like these people I could always just leave (pure genious, huh?)
When I walked into the hotel bar (of course that was after calling my sister from the bathroom to let her know I was still alive!)
and there sat Ed and Teal - the three of us with broad smiles was totally unbelievable - then came Ann E, Patty, Carol Y, Mary, Lauren, Caroline, and a few others. We talked and laughed nonstop. Would never know it was the first time we met.
It was like coming home - knowing in people eyes that they knew how you felt and in turn knew them.
We laughed and smiled the entire time.
It was awesome! I went back into the city the next night for dinner with them.
We were all friends that just had never met before.  ......

An hour or so later during dinner, Carol Y and I were talking about her wanting to travel around and visit all of us - hence the birth of the term Widowbago.
..... hopefully everyone will join in with their stories.

... Since then, we have met in NYC again - people have met for dinner, lunch, afternoon, whatever, whenever. It's really nice to know that we have friends in every state - for ex = Lisa M was up from Florida last week, orig from NJ, so she said we have to get together, just so happens Ed was staying with friends that weekend in NJ, so we ended up having a wonderful afternoon together.

Now alot of us can't seem to get enough - socializing is part of healing
... there is no pressure to attend - if it works for you, come, if not we'll be together another time.

So everyone, share your stories for all of the people wondering..."

Thank you, Ginger.  YOU were at my first bago on November 21, 2009.  I just went back to that bago thread to check the date, which was 1 day before my 2 month anniversary.  We've seen each other at bagos ever since, and I'm grateful that we got to see each other on New Year's Day this year.  I've met widows from coast to coast in the US, Saskatchewan, Canada and even when I visited Sydney, Australia.  It is good to see that people are starting to connect more in Europe and some day, I hope to bago there, too!

Thank you for posting this history!


Does someone know the origin of the name? I get the widow part of course  ;D but bago?  (It could be a language barrier)

The originator of the word was Abbe, one of the first members on the YWBB.

It is a play on the word, Winnebago. You think of a Winnebago RV (recreational vehicle) as something used to travel to many new places, visit with old friends or make new friends, and a chance to have a new adventure.

Thus the term "Widowbago" is a term used for Widows "traveling" to new places with a chance to make new friends and or to visit with old ones. It may be the first chance or place to have a new adventure with people who truly "get it" on this journey called grief.

Thanks Ginger,  I thought it sounded like the RV. LOL  it  was witty to play with the word!


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