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anyone have baby/babies/kid/kids with new partner?


I'm wondering how many of us are around.  A couple months after the three year anniversary, I had a baby daughter (her father's a widower too).  She's about 9 months old now. 

My husband (also a widower) and I decided not to have any more children (he had 2 grown and I had a four yr old, whom he has adopted) but I have (probably not surprisingly) a fair number of friends and acquaintances from the old board and in life who have had kids post widowhood.

Some of the parents were both widowed but I have FB friends who married widowers and have new babies and toddlers (sometimes both).


Although I a not there yet I hope that someday I may be able to say this. I have wanted a family for so long and my husband and I just starting trying when he passed. So kind of halted my dreams. I am thinking I may adopt someday.


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