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Extreme Caregiving Struggles

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A Tout Jamais:

@ATJ, Phew! Pleased you approve. This was one of the first posts I found when I went looking through the YWBB archives for caregiver posts. I am pretty passionate about the plight of caregivers given my own experience both with LH and watching my mother struggle with my Dad in years following LH's death.

I hear you about anything medical. I had a wonderful DR who completely understood my need to be a total partner in my own health because LH's medical experience was fraught with misdiagnosis and incorrect treatment (both of which probably contributed to his dementia so early in the game) but I moved to Canada just past a year out and I have never found another health professional I trust as much. Canadian doctors are quite bossy. You can imagine how well that goes over.

Anyway, this post speaks and if I saved nothing else from the old board, I felt the need to save this. I am glad you are okay with it.

A Tout Jamais:


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