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thinking of moving
« on: September 07, 2015, 04:48:23 PM »
So lately my kids have been trying to convince me to move. Not just 1 of them all 3 of them.  It's odd. We have lived in this house for 12 years. We get along well with the neighbors and know pretty much know everyone.  Prior to this all the kids were happy with our house and stuff. Now every single one of them has asked me if we can move and they all have different reasons. The oldest would like to have a better room and be out  of the city.  The middle one wants a better school district(she is in her jr year of high school) They youngest wants to be closer to one of her friends and in a different school. They all want a bigger bedroom and yard.  This weekend we were down in the DC area and all of them talked about moving there, I'm sure in part because we had a lot of fun.

The reality is if I really wanted to move I could probably make it happen. My house is 100 years old and totally remolded inside and out. At the right price it could sell rather quickly.  What I would be able to afford would be a older home in about the sameish size in a different neighborhood maybe depending on were i went  with a bigger yard.  I figured out if I want to move 2ish years from now would be about the perfect time. I could in theory move in just over 12 months and keep my middle DD in the same school.  My head tells me it's a horrid idea. I have just under 10 years left to pay off my house. Yet I can't stop from thinking that my DD's are on to something.  I  have no really good reasons to move.  A better school district for my youngest would be nice.  In my mind that would be about the only positive.  I have several friends just a few steps away that will give my girls a ride. Watch the youngest if she gets home before me or gets sick when I'm at work.  They will watch my dog and house sit if I want to go away.  Mow my yard, shovel my snow, give me a ride or just about anything I need. There is a running/walking/bike trail only 1/2 mile from here that I'm on several times a week. I could even bike to work if I was so inclined. My oldest is attending college only 3 miles away, so she is living at home.   So this should be a easy no. However I keep thinking maybe a change is what I really need.

Any thoughts about why my DD's might be so into this idea or what decision I should make.  I would need to paint before I could put my house on the market so it's not like I would do anything for several months anyways.