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Together twelve years, never married, treated like I don't matter.

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In my experience the piece of paper doesn't make a difference. Since then I have studied the legal system and its authoritative roots and found them to be fraudulent anyway so that's always refreshing.

I lost touch with everyone I used to know. The family that used to constantly want my help is now distant and doesn't ask much of me. If I talk about being widowed (or even mention it briefly) I seem to be the only one talking and everyone else gets quiet and wants me to leave.

I'm 35 but I look like I am in my 20s. Maybe that's why, they are uncomfortable that a man who looks so young, healthy and vibrant is a widower. I don't know... they don't answer when I ask.

People treating you like they wish you didn't exist is normal I suppose. Well, it's certainly my new normal. It's been 7 years now and things haven't changed. There is no "getting back to normal" now. This is the new normal.

Best wishes and hit me up if you have questions.


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