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Dream gate has opened
« on: September 27, 2015, 12:08:57 PM »
I was laid off for the summer but thankfully I was just hired permanent at the college in a supportive role.  During the summer I did a lot of yoga, mediation really focused on being mindful and I have to say I felt pretty good but of course there was that dreaded worry having a contract job.

  Since my husband's passing 2.5 years ago I can't say I have had a dream of any kind but since I got the full time job somehow I think that has opened up my subconscious.  I keep having the same three dreams over and over again.  One is of my husband he is in our kitchen.  He is wearing his old stain sweatshirt that I just loved that would ride up over his belly.  My husband the classy dresser.  I was sitting at the kitchen table taking and he totally ignores me.  Which sometimes he did  ::).  The next dream is out on the patio.  I am standing there watching two turtles walk around and one of them  is trying to climb up on me.  Not sure what this means but I googled it.  Dreaming about turtles can mean you are owing your own power.  The last dream is at a wedding. The reception hall is full of people that I knew in my old life.  Everyone is sitting around circle tables and each seat is full so I sit at the last table which is an old picnic table that is in the middle of the reception hall.  No one talks to me or even looks at me but I am watch them and I feel nothing for them.  Occasionally my husband will appear at the reception he doesn't come over but he will give me a thumbs up sign.

Anyone have any suggestions to what all of this could mean? 


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Re: Dream gate has opened
« Reply #1 on: September 28, 2015, 11:57:30 PM »
Perhaps it is that you need to tell him something important (like turtles crawling to you!) and can't, so you have these dreams instead?  I have this feeling that if he could, he would tell you that he is proud of you and knows you will do well and that the turtles mean something!!!


Congratulations on the new, full-time job.  It is a major accomplishment and good for you!