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I think I've lost him

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The last couple days Rob has been declining really fast. We switched to injectable morphine and it is messing him up pretty badly. I feel like I am losing him now.  My heart is breaking. I just want him to be him.

Hugs, Fuchsia, as you walk these end weeks and days with your husband.  It is so hard to watch someone in the dying process.  When my first husband died, I resolved myself to getting him to death's door just knowing he was loved.  I didn't want him to be afraid and I wanted him to be as pain-free as possible.  I was exhausted by that point and didn't even know it, but putting the focus on him helped me through those hard times.  Hold tight to him and your family and accept any help that comes your way if it truly helps you or him.

Remember that we will be here for you when the time comes when he slips away.


I'm so sorry. The last days are very difficult and it does feel as though they are gone long before they are physically gone.

Just wanted to send you hugs. We are here for you .

I am so sorry. I know there are no words to describe how terrible this is but please know that we are here for you. When we knew my partner was going to pass soon, I just sat by his bed and told him how much I loved him and talked about all of our wonderful memories together. I never let told him that he was about to die and it's impossible to know if he was aware. If there's any advice I have I would say to not be afraid to ask for morphine and ativan for him if he appears in distress or anxious. One of my biggest reliefs is that my partner passed away comfortably surrounded by his loved ones. You both are in my thoughts.


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