Author Topic: Ruminations on the afterlife from one of us.  (Read 921 times)


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Ruminations on the afterlife from one of us.
« on: October 20, 2015, 11:19:41 PM »
The article that sufficiently answered the "history" question that got me thinking about all of this:

Disclaimer: I might be nuts. I respect all beliefs, and I'm only sharing a strong feeling - I'm not telling anyone what to think or believe.

This is just what I've managed to piece together through meditative grieving. Maybe my subconscious mind cooked it up as a coping mechanism. Maybe the dreams were true connections. Anyway, I feel like this is a safe place to share this, and I hope it helps someone.

I've been deeply contemplating the afterlife, partially because I was curious; mostly because of the dreams and wisps of waking moments where I feel connected through time and space by love to wordless messages and immeasurably wise words spoken into my mind from behind the reach of my dreaming eyes, all from my late wife.

107 billion seems like a rational educated guess. That's a huge number of souls who know the peace and wonder of the infinite; who are their best selves, individual but united with what most call god, with one another, and we the living through the mystery of the soul's ability to evolve beyond its infant mortal chrysalis. What a revelation; for the transcended to know and become part of the vast bonds of love that echo through the generations of loving families, great friendships, and cherished partners that went before us and beside us. I am grateful to conceive of such beauty and wonder. I will enjoy this life with no fear of death 'til my time to become part of the great unknown arrives; united with all I love, those both transcended - some who know and wait for me, and those still mortal who I'll reach out to with peace and love, the same I feel from the friends, family, and beloved who are alive in my heart and on the other side. In the blink of their eyes, time rendered obsolete by the evolution of the soul, they will be there when I become part of the infinite. Their best selves wait now for us, their souls warmed by the peace and fascination of infinite love and knowledge. Just as I will be waiting there for those who I, ever so briefly in the great epoch of the next life, will have left waiting for what seems too long to reunite with me. We were all born to become more than ourselves; until that day, so very long from now - or an instant - I will try to live in peace with what we call death, knowing I am apart from that realm but not alone, waiting for the time when my soul is ready to emerge from this chrysalis and begin the next great adventure connected to more love than I can imagine.
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