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Apologies to those who hate blank verse.

Just posting this before the night's vision slips away from my mind.  Self inflicted therapy and all that.

Wandering the would haves
Were it not fors
(kicking dust bunnies of regret dust streaming in eyes)
Corner turned that wasn?t
Cinnamon scented living room where
We-- I--
No longer live
(burnt bottom cookies that memory mutters she never made)
She tried
She never could
Nor I make tea
(loose leaf Yorkshire steeped three minutes kettle to the pot black only always thanks)
Greying hair
She never had
But wanted
We are
Just there
With burnt cookies
And terrible tea
(sun scratching at window dog stirring softly sleeping still in the space of not now)
We are
Where we never were
It?s what we have

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