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Something I Did Today Would Have Made Him Very Proud


I applied to take a professional certification exam, something that he had been encouraging me to do for years. It's the logical next step in my career but I never felt I was ready to take it. I guess I just had the realization that life is too short (don't we all know that!!) and nothing ventured, nothing gained.

So... I have a few short weeks to study for the exam, and the only time I'll have available to do so is after the youngster has gone to bed. Not my optimum time of day for retention, but so what.

I guess this is one way of moving forward, and knowing that he's showering his huge grin and unparalleled support down on me from the other side of the stars.


Jessica that's great!  And yes, Charles would be very proud I'm sure.  I hope you are also proud of yourself because you should be.  Good job!

Great job! I prefer to think that they know about these things and are happy. Who knows if they do, but I have always liked the thought. You go!

Congratulations Jessica!
With that determination, I'm sure you are going to ace that exam!

That's great! I'm sure he would be proud of you :)
I started college less than two months after my dh passed away, it has really helped keep me busy and have positive things to focus on!
I agree, sometimes life is too short to waste not doing the things that make us happier!
Good luck!!


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