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Last year I just marked all was used for kids but was aware that this scrutiny was a possibility.  I started a spreadsheet and followed the same approach that others have mentioned.  Dividing all expenses by 3 put them over the amount they received from SS.  I could not count them as dependents with IRS last year since I did not provide more than half of their support but wondering if that has anything to do with who gets audited.

I haven't dealt with this either; but I know it is possible.  I have a spreadsheet too that tracks expenses and my bank statements to back it up.  I have 2 children so 2/3 of the expenses like everyone else noted.  Add in clothes/shoes, extracurricular activities, entertainment, the occassional vacation, barbershop/salon visits, summer camp, child care when school is closed, etc, I'm way over. 

Now that private school and daycare are behind us I will no longer be claiming them as dependents; but even without those two things I'm still spending way over what they get.  Once you begin to take a look at it, I'd be willing to bet you find the same.

My stepson is disabled. I've been thru this numerous times. I split all the expenses like rent and utilities. Guess a reasonable number for clothes, shoes, food. Add in a small amt for recreation. The expenses are greater than his benefits. I tell them That's why I have balances on my utilities. Be sure you do spend the money. Good luck. It is scarier on paper than in person if you have an interview

When I went to apply for the SS benefits they actually cautioned me that it would be good to have spending records for this purpose.

I track my spending in the Mint app and can tag categories as kid spending, if anyone is interested in spreadsheet alternatives.

Hope things go smoothly for you.

I've never had them audit me.  I hope I never do.  I wonder if income plays a role in who gets audited? 


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