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North East PA Bago? HECK YES! - I dare you..

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Eden - A Vegan Cafe
344 Adams Ave, Scranton Pennsylvania

Savory Maza
200 N Main Ave, Scranton Pennsylvania

Ambien kicking in.  G'night.


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A vegan restaurant in Scranton?!?!  I don't believe it!  Just kidding.  We're going to be out of town over the holidays but if somehow this materializes in the New Year, M and I will come. 

Just seeing this and interested.

My schedule is a little complex bc of work but I could do 1/23 or later than Feb. 21.  I think it makes the most sense to try scheduling something in the Lehigh Valley as it is is equidistant for a lot of us PA people and surrounding areas.  We really do need to get together again.  You're all welcome at my house if you have no expectations of organization or cleanliness.  SVS, singingmomo4, lsm, Michael, Imissdow, keep trying, quovadis, and others what do you think? 

I'd love to meet up in the Lehigh Valley somewhere. Saturdays are best for me. (since the Steelers will be in the playoffs Sunday 1/17, 1/24, and the Super Bowl 2/7  ;D)


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