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This isn't very deep or emotionally wrenching.  I just have to share this and the people here might be the only ones who may appreciate or just be able to hear this and not get too uncomfortable.

I am not into numerology or spirituality or any real kind of woo.   I did wonder about this for awhile but as 2 1/2 years approaches I sat down and looked at the numbers.

My Mother's birthday was the first of a month.  My wife was born on the first.  They both died on the 23rd of the month.  They were both 55 years old when they died.

I thought all that was an incredible coincidence. Then I took a closer look

It turns out that my Wife and my Mother both lived for the same number of days.  The both lived 3 months and 23 days past their 55th birthday. 

Like I said I am not really into numerology and find it hard to believe the number 20190 has any real significance.

It just seemed like a weird coincidence and had to share it with someone.


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Re: Numbers
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Wow! I'm not into numerology, either, but I have to admit that is an amazing coincidence.
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Re: Numbers
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I don't believe in that stuff either, but that is super weird. 
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Re: Numbers
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I'm not into 'woo' either.

  Thing is I have always noticed the # 3
  It seems through life all things happen in 3's.
  For example within a month;
My mom passed,the following weekend my Boss at that time passed suddenly.
 The next week my Uncle passed.
So many instances threw life I've noticed death in numbers of 3 in close proximity.
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