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Hi I have been lurking on the old board waiting for my account to activate since December thought now would be a good time to intro and share my story. On 2/14/14 my beloved wife found out she was pregnant with our first child after well over a year of trying. What followed was some of the best times of our lives together as we prepared the house for our new baby daughter. I refinished furniture, painted, and built all the things she ordered on-line. On 9/8/2014 I left for work knowing that she would be going to hospital for a check-up on the baby since she was not feeling well and we were less than month away from the scheduled c-section. I got a call to come to the hospital and that afternoon our daughter was born by emergency c-section as my wife suffered a brain hemorrhage and was airlifted to another hospital. On 9/12/15 we turned off mommies' life support while the little one and I were at the other hospital so she would not be alone when her mommy died. Now I am a widowed dad of a perfect healthy baby girl, a member of this terrible club we are part of; and I want to say: I am bent NOT broken, she waits for me around the corner and God loves and protects me and my daughter through this pain. God bless each of you; you have already helped me so much!! 17 years (9 married) was not nearly enough. I love you still.

I am so so so very sorry for your loss. I am glad you relocated to the new board along with us. I hope that the people of this fine forum (especially the ones with youngens) can help you through this tough time. ((hug))


Heart wrenching. But I can see what a strong daddy you are for that precious angel. My heart goes out to you and I am glad you were able to migrate over here and pray that it helps you to be here with us. I won't say welcome because Lord knows no one wants to have a reason to be here.

{hug} BentNOTbroken, I'm sorry for your tragic loss, so bittersweet yet praise God your daughter is doing fine :). You've found a good place here and hope you continue to let us know how you're doing.

BNB welcome and I'm sorry you are here.


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