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my niece wrote this poem
« on: December 11, 2015, 10:00:14 AM »
Sharing a beautiful poem written by my niece, who was widowed in 2010:

In a dream...

I said to him "who will look after me, now that you're gone?"
He smiled back and said "don't be scared, I will still look after you, though it will be from the skies above"

"Who will hold me tight and dry these eyes from the tears that won't stop falling?"
A tear fell on his cheek and as he wiped away he said "if you close your eyes and take a deep breath you will feel my touch and hear my voice that sings to you while you are sleeping"

"Who will hold my hand and bring a smile to my face?"
He held out his hand and said "When you think of me and our days together you will smile again, give it time and you will see, I'm right there beside you but just in another place"

"Who will love me when my days are dark and I lose my way?"
A light shined on my face and he said softly "my beautiful, my love and light will last forever even though I could not stay."

"Who will take away the pain and mend my broken heart?"
He sighed and said "my dear, the pain I caused you is much to deep, this I know, but if you look to the sky you will see me, though we are worlds apart.

"Who will grow old with me the way you promised me you would?"
"For that is a question I can not answer Love, but I will tell you this...

"In time, your heart will open again. And the love you felt for me, you will feel for another. The pain and anger you hold onto inside, you will learn to let it go. As your heart mends and the cracks begin to fill, you will learn to trust again, and when you let another man into your heart, be open and honest with him, let him see all the things that I see, let him love every part of you the way I do. If you give him the chance, he will look after you when I'm gone, he will hold you each night and dry the tears that fall down your cheek, he will bring the smile back to your face and the laughter back into your life, and when your days are dark, he will love you and guide you to a brighter place. My dear, as you love him more each day, the pieces of your heart will slowly put themselves back together. Do not worry my love, I will always be a part of you, in your mind, in your sole, and in your heart. Now get some sleep sweet girl, tomorrow is a new day, embrace it with all you've got."
I still think of you, Mick...every SINGLE day!


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Re: my niece wrote this poem
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Beautiful, Donna, as is your lovely niece.  I know she was widowed much too young and shortly after you lost Mick.  You (and your family) have been a great support to her.

Life is short.  Love with all you've got. 

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