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Widow/er Songs for the Holiday Season

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In the early years of the old YWBB, members would sometimes cheer themselves and each other up during the Holidays by cleverly altering Christmas carols and other songs of the season to reflect their newly widowed status. This was accomplished primarily through the use of dark humor and sarcasm, of course.

Below are 5 slightly edited offerings from those talented widows and widowers. Perhaps they will bring a few moments of amusement to Young Widow Forum members this Holiday Season. Please feel free to add any others you wish to this collection, including your own creations if so inspired.

(To the tune of Winter Wonderland)

Sleigh bells ring, why should I care?
In my brain, it's a nightmare.
A miserable sight, I'm lonely tonight,
Walking in a Widow Netherland.

Gone away is my happiness.
Here to stay is the crappiness.
We'll sing mournful blues, as we spread the news,
We're walking in a Widow Netherland.

In the meadow we can build a Bago
And pretend that we are all onboard.
DGI's will wonder where did they go
When all their stupid comments are ignored.

Later on we'll inspire (each other),
As we dream by the fire
To face unafraid, all our dreams betrayed,
Walking in a Widow Netherland.

(To the tune of Away in a Manger)

I've spent all the money,
My house is a mess.
This pathetic widow,
She has to confess.

The kids are all grubby,
Their homework's undone.
But who will come help me?
There's simply no one.

My pets are all moaning,
Yes they miss him too.
Or have I not fed them
Between my "boo hoo"s?

Don't tell me its Christmas,
It cant be again.
It sucks to be widowed.
Where is my husband?

(To the tune of Oh Little Town of Bethlehem)

Oh little town of Widowland
How sad we see thee lie.
Beneath the heavy weight of grief
We know your people cry.

Yet in the still of darkness
There comes a ray of light.
From all the healing power they've found
By joining all their might.

Oh, how we came to dwell in here
The heavens won't reveal.
While we seek answers to our prayers
Each day seems so surreal.

Please grant us strength to live and thrive
In the altered reality,
Where we are now abiding
With hopes of serenity.

(To the tune of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen)

The holidays are lousy when your husband is still dead,
If one more DGI speaks up, I'll pummel him to shreds,
I do not want to hear that I should just move on instead,
Oh, tidings of sadness and pain, sadness and pain,
Oh, tidings of sadness and pain.

They seem to think they know it all and just how I should feel,
If they must talk to me they all pretend it isn't real,
They mostly run away and hide so they don't have to deal,
Oh, tidings of sadness and pain, sadness and pain,
Oh, tidings of sadness and pain.

I'm tired of pretending there's no reason to complain,
I wouldn't mind a phone call but they're all just so inane,
I'm not as strong as you may think, despite your wishes plain,
Oh, tidings of sadness and pain, sadness and pain,
Oh, tidings of sadness and pain.

Do not tell me it could be worse, or that you understand,
Do not tell me to seize the day, or give a reprimand,
Do not compare my life to yours and tell me mine is grand,
Oh, tidings of sadness and pain, sadness and pain,
Oh, tidings of sadness and pain.

(To the tune of It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year )

It's the most horrible day of the year.
Everyone is happy,
Even mama and pappy,
But not me, oh noooo.
It's the most horrible day of the year.

It's the most difficult day of the year.
Last year was much better,
I got a new sweater,
And I was in loooove.
It's the most difficult day of the year.

There'll be Kleenex using,
Photo albums perusing,
And staring idly at the waaaall.

There'll be difficult moments,
While seeing the ornaments,
Still boxed down the haaaall.

It's finally the end of 2015.
I hated this year,
Daily shedding of tears.
Grief has been like my waaaar.
Love hurts, that's what I've learned, and much more.

There is one blessing I discovered this year.
I've faced the worst life can give me,
My spouse would be proud of me,
But this much I knoooow.
I'll survive, thanks to all of you heeere!!!!!

Thanks much! Now, there're some tunes I can identify with better.

 I'm someone who personally has deep faith in the spiritual reason for Christmas, but alllll this commercially manufactured "joy"  grates on my nerves. Never been a huge fan, but at my second widow-Christmas out, if anything I tune out even more to the vast majority of what just seems like jarring noise to me.


Glad you enjoyed, and I agree with you about all the commercialism and manufactured joy. I still recall my first Holiday Season as a widower, just a few months after losing my wife in August 2009. Weeks of Christmas music and ads, as well as partying and celebration all around. But it was a melancholy time for me. Fortunately, I had recently joined YWBB and found comfort in many of its writings, including the humorous songs and carols that appear above. Whether somber or comical, those posts by veteran and contemporary members helped me make it through.

--- WifeLess

Love these, WifeLess, thanks for posting!


Thanks for your post.

I hope the above words of widows past have brought a bit of levity to all here who need it this Holiday Season.

--- WifeLess


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