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Not sure if this belongs here or in Beyond Active Grieving.  But it's about my new life, and not about grief, so here goes....

My daughter is a little more than a year and a half.  Her father is my current boyfriend, Widower BabyDaddy.  I'm more than 4 1/2 years out, and he's more than 3 years out now.  As many of you may remember, I lived in NYC for more than a decade, but when I got pregnant, moved a couple/few hundred miles north to be with him.  Before I moved in, I wore a locket with DH's photos in it, every single day, all day, my wedding band (with his name engraved in it, as mine was in his) on the chain.  When I moved in, I took it off out of respect for him/our new life together.  I put it on every now and then - not often, maybe a few times a year.  I was wearing it yesterday.

I was changing my daughter's diaper.  She grabbed the locket and pried it open.  I thought she'd say, "guy," because that's her word right now for everyone that she doesn't know.  But she got really excited and yelled, "Daddy!"  To the photo of DH. 
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Re: "Daddy!"
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Awesome stuff, Miz.  Probably much easier than 'Mommy's late husband!'  ;)
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