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Sexy Widowed Saturday Night!

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Hi sex kittens!  Welcome to the world of sexy widowed Saturday night!  It is a time for us widows and widowers to gather together on what can be the loneliest night of the week.  I'm hanging out with the dog and watching some YouTube videos.

Hello, from sunny CA! I have the flu and bronchitis, so I am quite lovely tonight, with my stringy hair, sickly pallor, and dark circles.  My voice has taken on a lovely, husky sound, and I can barely talk above a nice, sexy whisper.  I had to cancel weekend plans with my New Guy, but my two furry, four-legged critters are happy to keep me company, while I recline in bed and watch Netflix.

Hope you feel better, LC.  Super-sexy here with stringy hair, too, because who showers on a Saturday when clearly, one is not going anywhere?  So stringy hair and pjs it is.  Grading papers and watching The Unbreakable Kimmie Schmidt on Netflix, which so far is hilarious.  Things will really heat up later when I take on laundry and dishes; if I am feeling like the cougar that I am maybe I will do some sexy widow purging, too, MissingSquish!

Count me in as hoping you feel better soon LC!  I showered today, so my hair is no longer stringy, as it was this morning.

Finally showered and washed hair too!  Just had thai food and beer...sitting around in yoga pants and a thermal shirt...not much happening....feel better lc!


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