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Sexy Widowed Saturday Night!

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Omg, just finished watching the Nintendo World Championships and now back to watching Empire Strikes Back. Various SW movies have been on all day and I've been tuning in and out all day.

Also about to kill my naughty cat who just peed on the couch. He's mad about something but I'm not pleased with him!

Late night dinner of cleaning out the freezer too! Fun widow times here!

Bought donuts and brought them over to my sisters to give to my young nephew and nieces right before dinner time. ;D Then I headed back home for bacon and artichoke pizza while watching an episode of Venture Bros with my son. The evening finished up with several hours of video games in my study.

Watching that Nintendo world championship makes me want to charge my DS and play random games again.

Nursing a head cold, snuggling a dog..... Watching Live PD - laughing at stupid people..... 

A chilly fall evening here. Made some polish food for dinner, have my pj's on, doing some prep for beef stew that I'll make tomorrow, and then will settle in to watch tonight's Hallmark movie.  Good thing I've got a DVR because I can't keep up with TWO new Hallmark movies each weekend!!


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