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Sexy Widowed Saturday Night!

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Cold rainy dark night here.  Getting a tub and pj's on to hunker down and watch some chick flicks.  I hope all our American wids had a good Thanksgiving day and get a restful weekend.
Hugs to all of you.

Finished up the rest of the leaf pick up
Put up some Christmas lights and I am binged watched "big little lies"
Yup now that's an exciting Satutrday night...

Its been a long lonely three weeks for me since I resigned from my job, ending my 20 some year career but we had tickets to go listen to the Sun Ra Arkestra and Kamasi Washington last night in Philadelphia.  Its one of the first times I've left the house in nearly a month.  We had a drink with some friends in the city and went to the show.  And it was so, so good.  Dancing and just unbelievable genius sound.  I needed that.  On to the job search tomorrow....

Sitting here in jammies waiting for my daughter to put down her phone and watch tv with me, only to find out she's watching Netflix without me.  What's with teenagers these days that they'll sit in the room with the 50 inch tv but still watch on a 4 inch phone?! I would have died for even a 30 inch t.v. growing up.....

Went to the family Christmas party with at my father-in-laws. Second Christmas without her, but the first one really didn't count as we were still in shock. Stayed for a few hours, it was good that I went but everyone was very subdued. Left early and spent an extra hour on the stationary bike exercising away my feelings. Considering just calling it a night now and going to bed early.


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