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Sexy Widowed Saturday Night!

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Another exciting Saturday night here.... decided to stream The Last Song with daughter, but I didn't know the dad dies! She took it better than me, though she went right up to bed when it was over - but she's also my kid that said one night this week "its 8:05! I can finally go to bed and not be a loser" hm? Two days before that she went to bed at 7:30?! Oh to be 14 again.
Anyways, after that good cry I'm not sure if I should go to bed or watch a bang-em-up,shoot-em-up movie.

It's Saturday night, my house is empty of all the kids tonight. I have been puttering around ticking off little projects most of the day.  I should now do some database cleanup for work...WOOHOO! I'm going to skip watching anything because it will completely distract me. I'm already distracted

Anyway, just wanted to "stop by" and say hello to everyone.

Sewing cushions tonight! So exciting!

Just watched horrible bosses 2, laughed a bit and now going to bed!!!

Today was my 5th birthday without DH and finally felt it was more than bearable and for that I am truly grateful.  Wow I had no idea it would take this long but it did.
I met a beautiful 12 yr old today who is the daughter of my stepsons girlfriend.  For my birthday she drew me a beautiful red cardinal.  I almost cried when I saw it but did not want to upset her so I refrained and was so happy to get it from her.  She had no idea of the significance of the red cardinal which kind of overwhelmed me at the same time.
Life is getting better.


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