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Here is the thing, I am 48 years old overweight but one heck of a gal.  :D  I am very slowly gaining new friends which is great.
A while back I started online dating.  It hasn't been great and most likely it is because of my profile pictures.  I just don't have too many pictures of myself. I am the one always behind the camera.  I don't feel I can ask  my new friends yet to take pictures of me and there is no way I am asking my kids.  Just a little quirk I am feeling right now might sound silly.
Speed dating has been in my area for a year or so but they never had my age group on till now.  Has anyone tried it? 

I have never tried it before, but I always thought it sounded like fun. Seems to me that if nothing else it could be very entertaining.

As for the photos, you don't have to tell anyone they are for a dating site!! Use some silly excuse like I am FINALLY having a good hair day, will you help me document it?  ;)

Wishing you luck!

Needytoo: I've tried to take the "I'm just sitting here relaxing" shots with a tripod and a camera on a timer. Hit the button, run over, sit down, try to look like none of that just happend..and repeat six or seven times. The best was when I tried to add my cat on my lap. Every picture the cat looked dazed and confused, half standing up. lol

I feel like a goof asking someone to take my picture.  Guess I will wait till the snow is gone and try the camera on a timer trick. 

Thanks for the laugh robunknown. 

I have hidden my online profile for now.  Just tired of all of it for now.  Forgot to close down the website for the speed dating on my lap top and my son used my lap top and then asked me about it.  Was a little lost for words on that one. 


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