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OT Dream my grandma
« on: February 07, 2016, 07:25:58 PM »
My paternal grandma died when I was 7 or 8. Only was around her a few times...did go to the funeral...and she lived several hours away deep in the mountains. My Moms family did too...My Dads family was very very Moms family probably one of the most well to do in the county.

Anyway...paternal grandma has been coming to me in dreams for 20 years. And it's vivid usually when she's worried about one of her kids..Last time I heard from her was this summer...she uses symbolism and I knew one of her kids was going to die. From the symbolism used..I knew it was my Dads older brother. He died the next day.
So last night she comes again (and we are always in her house..this tiny house where the rooms are separated by old sheets. And my cousin whose my age is there taking care of her parents (my Dads youngest brother) and my grandma wants me and my kids to sleep on the couch and stay too. And I keep telling her it's too crowded..and she says you need to stay. Then I see a sign outside saying a local church is renting out at my Moms home (which was like a plantation farm) for 3.00 a night.

Then I wake up. I know my Mom and I have been house hopping with my moving and kids in different towns. But I can't figure out who my grandma is worried about or if someone is going to die.

If you think I am full of nonsense that's ok too-just needed to write this out so I don't forget it in days to come..
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Re: OT Dream my grandma
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I don't think you are full of nonsense. I think we are visited in dreams, in fact my dh used to talk about dreaming about other people dying. He said he dreamt about his own death and was really upset, he died less than two months later, now I wish I had asked him what he dreamt about but I didn't want to push for info as I thought we had lots of time to talk about it.
Different people believe different things and that's ok, there is no right or wrong when it comes to beliefs.
Do you think it could be your cousins parents, if she was taking care of them in your dream?
I'm sorry I know how much these dreams can rattle a person!