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Changing times
« on: February 11, 2016, 09:53:45 AM »
Haven't been here for over a year.  Needed a break, and others before me had said as well at times.  4 years since DH died, car accident.  Life continues, lots of changes, but it is different, getting better.  Still in search of JOY.  Still widowed and single, but finally feeling ready to meet someone, taking steps, and it shows in interactions!  Took YRS to get here, so just my time frame.  Help a dear friend/colleague that lost her DH to cancer Fall of 2014.  Provide grief treatment now to kids, part of my trauma treatment I do/did for years but could not do for a while.  Lots of healing showing.  Something changed this fall of 2015, and I AM THANKFUL.  A WEIGHT LIFTED OF SOME SORT.  CAN'T EXPLAIN IT.  JUST DID.  Still learning, growing, changing.  Still have collateral damage from the loss, but anger has decreased, acceptance is there.  New identity forming, whether I like it or not. ;)  Not saying there are not bad days, but less and less and less intense. 

Sharing just because it is good, and I never would have believed it in the beginning.  Many on this walk knew it already, but timing and audience for those encouraging words are crucial.  Thanks to the WIDDA world that was a life line for a long time. 

Good luck to all and God bless.


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Re: Changing times
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Welcome back!

Life is short.  Love with all you've got. 

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