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Five years
« on: February 11, 2016, 10:56:29 AM »
In another week it will be five years.  How is that possible? I've survived five years without him and in the beginning I wondered how in the world I would do it.  How would the kids do it?  We did and we are all doing amazingly well.  Life is different, for sure, but in both good and bad ways.  My marriage wasn't always good.  In fact I spent most of my early days reading the posts on addiction/alcoholism and those posts helped me tremendously.  Now, I still check in several times a week to read but I don't post much any more.  I feel a connection to so many on here whose stories I've followed.  My kids were 12 and 18 five years ago.  Today my son is a junior in high school, is doing well and starting to research colleges, and my daughter graduated college and is now engaged and moving into her own home next week!  They've come a long way and so have I.  I haven't dated because I wanted to work on myself first.  I felt I was damaged from everything we had been through.  I am now starting to consider it, but I know I will be okay and happy whether I am alone for the rest of my life or whether I find somebody.  I wish that for everyone here.  To find peace in whatever the future has in store for them.


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Re: Five years
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Five years felt like a huge thing to me last August when I hit that milestone. The passing of time never stops amazing me. How is it that we have continued to live forward from the days when minutes or hours seemed impossible? I do hope you can move from thinking of yourself as damaged to thinking of yourself as surviving and in fact thriving, from the sounds of your post. Congratulations on your daughter's success and engagement, as well as your son's upcoming college search. All of that is amazing! I wish you peace for the anniversary day, gratitude for what you have, and hope for what is yet to come.

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