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Facing the grief together


So, the dude is back in my life. (Couldn't live without me. He he.) it really did break my heart and I'm glad he's back. And he's been awesome.
This week: my DD turns 16, my son is getting married and the 2nd sadiversary. Um, well, that's alot. New dude brought it up last week, concerned for me. I was like, well, we do what we have to do and you are divorced, you can't possibly even imagine what it's like! (Yeah, I'm an arse like that sometimes.)
Anyway, big wave hit last night and he was there. And I can't tell you how amazing it is to have somebody go through it with you. Whew! That's some tough stuff he's signed up for but very capable of doing the job! Compassion, empathy and loving. I'm very lucky.


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