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Reporting to my new group. Sheesh! I really did make it here and I shined through the one year mark. Today, a day after, I feel really weird. I made it, now what? My thought just a little while ago was, what if this year you'd live? I feel like crying but it isn't out of misery or pain. More puzzlement and relief. I wonder what my therapist will say when I see her this week after 3 week break. So many things to tell.

Call me mad but I ordered myself a brand new car yesterday (the one year mark). I've never owned a car that was specifically equipped as I want it to be equipped. It'll take until the fall for it to arrive but it's a car I've fuzzed over for 20+ years. So the anniversary will be remembered in the future as the day I did just that.

Tweet flying for the second year waiting for Amsterdam and a little red monster (the car) being very grateful for this board and it's member for helping me getting here. Luv ya'll guys!!!!!!

Aw, Tweet. Hugs to you! 

Congrats on the milestones!  It is kinda anticlimactic to pass one year because all of a sudden...  It's just the next year.  There's no finish line, yet we look at that first anniversary with bated breath like something will change.  It doesn't.  So, we keep moving forward.

So exciting about your car.  What a treat.  And kind of symbolic for you, in that it is all yours and no one else's, ordered on a day that is no one elses, for a life that is to be lived by you and no one else's.  That car will smell like new for a lot of reasons.

Bless you (((hugs)))

yeah there should be a "prize" for surviving but like Mangomom said, it's just the next year.  pooh. lol  But your post made me smile and made me feel so good for you!

Thank you guys! I'm so glad my post made Carey smile and I got hugs I needed.

We should really have a "medal" we could give each other on the board to acknowledge the anniversaries, don't you think? No one else does that but why shouldn't we? (Spring summer shining...I'm full of crazy ideas so pardon me my sillyness!)


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