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Woke you Saturday morning to find a 18 inch hole in my side yard. Went to look at it and holy cow! A 18 inch hole  that then grows into a Cavern about 10 feet deep 4-6 feet across and 10-15 feet long. The hole is on my side of the property but the sinkhole is also on my neighbors property. There is some sort of pipe at the bottom or maybe I should say there used to be a pipe. Called the police, had the water company and the sewer authority out they both looked shrugged their shoulders and said "huh? I don't know" called my insurance company, they will send a sinkhole specialist out on Monday.  It's suppose to rain Monday so my sinkhole will probally grow.  I have no idea what to do. My neighbor is conserned about if she will be responsible for any of it and if our homes will be condemned. There's about 15-20 feet  between our houses. So sinkhole isn't far away.
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Re: Ot-sinkhole
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Holy crap, how scary!  I hope you get some answers a quick fix asap. Keep us posted
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