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come and toot your horn
« on: March 09, 2016, 05:32:55 PM »
Yesterday was the three year anniversary of my husband?s passing and I proud to say I have come a long way during this time.  I know people that haven?t lost a spouse most likely wouldn?t understand this but I think I have found out who I am the single me.  The single me can now say widow without finding the word evil or I can say single.  I also will respond to Mrs. I am also a single parent.  I accept all of it to be me. 
Everything, the house, child rearing etc is all up to me.  I have made good decisions and bad decisions regarding a few things and I totally accept that it is me who has done it.  I finally got my dream job and my career has taken off so much in the last six months. 
I have accepted my life and forgave the anti-supporters and really feel I am in the process of opening myself up to all the new opportunities for my chapter two.  I have accepted that I need help with this and finally getting professional help.  After being an enabler and submissive wife I am in the process of learning how to have some boundaries without having guilt. 
I am trying the online dating again and this time it is going to much better.  I feel at least I can communicate better than before but also I am keeping it very light and not feeling any pressure. 
Now your turn.