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Today Would Have Been His Birthday

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Fourteen years ago, Kenneth and I started our lives together.  At the time, he was 36, just getting ready to turn 37.  The doctors were not expecting him to live through the next year, much less long enough to see his 40th birthday.  Defying the odds, he not only made it through his 40th birthday, but also made it to his 50th, dying just six days before his 51st birthday.  Had he lived, today would have been his 52nd birthday, and I miss him so much, right now.

Happy Birthday, sweet Kenneth. (((((LESLIE))))) Thinking of you today...

John died 5 days before his 57th birthday.  Sometimes I'm glad I get two sucky days close together.  If it is going to suck...let it suck all at the same time, right?



Birthdays are rough. They are "would've beens".

Take it easy today.

Huge hugs lcoxwell. The birthdays are tough.


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