Author Topic: OT- little laugh for the day (warning..may be offensive/inappropriate)  (Read 1061 times)


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I had to share this..
I recently started placement in a long term care facility for seniors who cannot live independently. Because it was St.Patricks day, we had a party for them. They had a great time! The staff member who organized and facilitated the party is just great, very involved in ensuring the residents have quality of life. She even unwrapped candies and printed out Irish sayings and wrapped them up with the wrappers.
So after the party I was in the office and a staff member came in with a huge smile on her face. She explained that she had grabbed a candy and wanted to show me the saying she got. It starts out about a leprechaun dropping his pants and talks about his "sausage" and goes onto say other really innapropriate things. Another staff member got one talking about grabbing a leprechaun by his um..well you know..
I honestly don't think I have ever laughed so hard before, hours later I am still laughing about it.
The poor lady, she probably didn't read the sayings and just got them off of the internet, she will be horrified once she finds out.
I'm also wondering how many residents or family members took these candies..tomorrow could be an interesting day!


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Glad to hear you got to laugh today!  It feels good doesn't it. Early on for me, I wondered if I'd ever laugh again.
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Definitely in the future proof reading must be done...hahaha..
   Everyone doesn't "get" Sausage Humour
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Thanks for the laugh!  The fun part will be seeing not which of the residents find it offensive but who finds it hysterical!
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So with further investigating today, some did actually get nice, appropriate sayings...and others definitely did not. But not one resident or family member mentioned it, hopefully they just didn't notice the paper and threw it out with the wrappers. There are definitely residents there who would find it amusing!
We were still laughing about it today. This little thing didn't just make my day, but I think it was the highlight of my week :) which in reality has been exhausting, I've been doing 40 hours a week at placement, driving an hour and a half each day,and working 12 hour shifts on Saturdays at my real job. This was week three of my crazy schedule. The highlight is next weekend will be a four day weekend for me!


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I wouldn't worry about it too much. LTC residents weren't born there. They had lives just like the rest of us. I was a frequent visitor in an LTC while my favorite aunt was there. Many times I heard things that made me blush. One old gent asked me to sleep with him! When I went into the hall my husband was laughing at my surprise. He said "he's old, not dead". Why do you think he was always talking to you?

I can't speak for the families but the residents are ok with it.


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I have to agree...old folks know what sex is!  I worked in long-term care facilities for years.  Oh, the things people would say and do!!

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