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Forum Safety
« on: April 23, 2016, 02:26:46 PM »
Your safety on this forum is desired so that you can have the best experience and emotional healing as possible. wants to assure you that your personal information will not willingly be given to anyone.

The purpose of this forum is to help young widows(ers) in grief find comfort and healing. To help with this purpose, will not sell, redistribute, or publicize your private information. The information that we receive from members to create an account is strictly for purposes.

To help secure your safety on this forum, only requires a valid email address and the fact that you are grieving. Although spammers, trolls, or the like, are not tolerated, there is no guarantee that they do not register an account. Because of this, your anonymity largely falls on you, the member.

Here are some steps you can take to assure your privacy on this forum:

1)   Do not post any information that you do not want the world to see.
2)   If you do not want your name to be seen, use a different name.
3)   Report any suspected trolls, spammers, or anyone that is bullying to the moderators or administrators.
4)   Do not give out personal information to anyone.


- Once you share something online you no longer have control of it
- Your post will be online for years to come
- Some people may use your post in ways you did not intend
- Some people may share your info to others that you do not approve
- If you want complete anonymity you must not give out any personal information

IMPORTANT: will never ask for your financial details. Do not reply to anyone on this forum asking for your financial information.

This forum is intended for emotional support, not financial support. IF there is ever a time a fund is created to help out a fellow widow(er), it will HAVE to be approved by the site's administrators in conjunction with the moderators. If a member asks you directly for money, you are to report them immediately.


There are many lifelong friendships that have started on this forum. Many here know each other personally and have met many times. As you meet people on this forum, there may be opportunities to meet at Widdabagos. Please make sure that you meet in groups and take all precautions necessary to keep your safety as you meet outside of the online anonymity.

Keep in mind that your anonymity on this forum is up to you, as will not give out your email address or any private information. With high profile social media and/or a simple Google search, you can be found online pretty easily if you give your full name, phone number, or any private information to anyone. You may not be concerned, but be aware of the possibilities.