Author Topic: PSA: National Drug Take Back Day April 30  (Read 463 times)


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PSA: National Drug Take Back Day April 30
« on: April 27, 2016, 06:54:19 PM »
Hi Everyone,
I thought I would pass this along in case it is useful to anyone. On Saturday April 30 (this Saturday) is a National Drug Take Back at sites across the U.S. You can go to this website: to find a site near year.

This was both immensely helpful and immensely painful after V died. He died at home unexpectedly after a very short ordeal with cancer, which meant I had a house full of prescription drugs that no one would take off my hands (legally).

Eight months after he died I found out about the Drug Take Back Day, I think from the old site. I gathered everything up, including his pill box that I loaded up the night before he died in anticipation of another week, drove to the take back site in tears, handed over more pills than any one person should have to some very nice police officers, and then drove home, still in tears, and went back to bed for the rest of the weekend.

I pass this along now in case anyone finds themselves in the same situation. I think it only happens once a year, in the U.S. so even if you don't feel ready, this may be one task to push through.

All the best.

VDS 11/8/59-8/22/10


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Re: PSA: National Drug Take Back Day April 30
« Reply #1 on: April 28, 2016, 12:14:16 PM »
I find this odd, in Canada our pharmacies take back un-used drugs or paraphernalia and disposes of it so that it isn't either misused or put into the landfills and then our water and such. 

It's a great idea.