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Tell us about your non-human babies

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I'll start - here are my two wonderful fuzzy babies, Flint and Tinder.  Flint is the sweet chubby black girl, and Tinder is the mischievous little tabby boy:

My Dixie IMG_5008.JPG

damn I can never get my pictures to work:(

My Halloween kitty, Binx. My fiancé and I got him 6 weeks before said fiancé (also in the picture) died a month ago. This ornery little kitty has been my rock, honestly.

My little guy Watson is only two. I was never really a cat person but my husband loved them. He's a bit odd (the cat). He loves to play in the tub and likes to bring me pens. I remember being angry at first after DH died. 'You left me with this stupid cat that doesn't even like to cuddle'. But now I've learned to appreciate my weird furball. He keeps me busy and is always entertaining. He doesn't know it but he helped me get through some of the worst moments of my life.


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