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I was raised by a classical musician: my dad is a choral conductor with a PhD in music education and most of a second in keyboard. He teaches theory, voice, piano, and organ. My mom was a professional soprano before she got married; my sister is a singer/songwriter. Music is and has always been integral to my life.

Growing up, we were only allowed to listen to classical music or my mom's stack of Broadway records. Consequently, I've been a fan of musicals forever, and even though I can't even identify currently popular artists, I can sing at least one song from just about every Broadway show since 1943. All right, that might be a slight exaggeration-- it occurs to me that I don't know anything from Starlight Express or Nine-- but the point is, musical theater is my paradigm, and I'm more likely to find something meaningful in some phrase by Sondheim or Schwartz than in any self-help book.

I've been threatening to do this for awhile. I don't expect anyone else to contribute, but please feel free to add anything you like from the Great White Way. I'm just putting links to songs that I find significant. I don't know... you might like some of them. :)

The way I've felt over the past few days, my first inclination was to start with "Learn to be Lonely," from the movie version of Phantom. But that's not where I want to be, so I opted for this one instead. It's sort of an overcoming adversity song from The Scarlet Pimpernel. Take the drama in stride, okay? It's theater. ;)

"Into the Fire": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ZXpo2WFbXA

I'm also a Broadway junkie, and had trouble picking just one to post but I'm going with 'Everybody Says Don't' from Sondheim's Anyone Can Whistle as a fitting follow up to your choice


PS:  Like you I can probably sing at least part of one song from most musicals (including Nine and Starlight Express) but I use the word 'sing' VERY loosely

Yes, I love this!

When I was little, we had kid's records - old school Disney and stories - but my father hated pop music. I didn't own any contemporary music until jr high.

But I had my Mom's tiny collection of Broadway soundtracks and the storyteller in me loved stories that burst into song.

Love your links. And as I was trolling the side bars - found this one. A Sondheim from 1970. Company. Neil Patrick Harris is main character but a lot of other recognizable faces.

Song is called "Being Alive"


Thanks for starting this thread, Jezzy!

I love musicals.  My daughter does as well.  Two years ago - soon after DH passed, she played this song over and over again.  I ended up surprising her with tickets to "Wicked" for her 14th birthday.   


I love you guys!!! I honestly didn't think anyone would respond to this. Yay, I'm not the only musical geek out there! :D

Gabzmom, in my best moments, I almost think I can be determined enough to defy gravity. Wicked is almost always in my CD player in the car-- some songs make me cry too much to sing ("That Girl," "Because I Knew You"), but the rest can generally be counted on to boost my mood. It's so hard to choose, but it's probably my all-time favorite show.

I haven't seen the movie yet, but I still love Into the Woods-- I remember seeing the original cast performing the title song on the Tonys many, many moons ago. I try very hard to keep this in mind: "No One is Alone."



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