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My in-laws really turned up the crazy yesterday.  We haven't had any sort of contact in over 6 months.  They called my mother on Monday and told her that they were coming by on Wednesday evening to pick up the two guitars that my husband had left at my parents' home.  I sent MIL a text yesterday saying that we would discuss it this weekend, as it was not a good day.  They disregarded my text, and MIL and SIL showed up anyway, demanding that my parents give them the guitars.  My parents refused, they got angry and cause a scene, and my parents asked them to leave.  They refused to leave until my parents gave them the guitars.  I was at work, it seems they timed this so, so I was not able to be of much assistance.  My mother was crying in the floor, and my dad was fearing that she may have a heart attack; all the while, these heartless people were demanding $200 worth of property that wasn't even theirs.  I finally told my parents to give them the guitars, as my mother's health was more important than property to me.  I really can't believe the audacity of these people.

I have no real words except what the hell is the matter with people?

"my mother's health was more important than property to me"

And this is what it comes down to for me health is more important than property. 


Wow, just wow.  Grief is no excuse for people to act like insensitive a**holes.  I'm sorry you and your parents had to go through that. 

Captains wife:
Wow. What is wrong with some people! Sorry : ( You and your family have been through quite enough.

Death makes people act so strange.. After my husband passed I had a few weird inquiries.. someone asked if I was going to keep my dog!  I got letters in the mail about selling my house.. "sorry for your loss.. can we buy your house".. I don't know what goes through peoples minds!!

 I never got the obsession with possessions.. Families torn apart because they think they were entitled to a loved ones things.. I get you want something special that belonged to them.. But they in no way had the right to his possessions.. I really hate how people act when there is a death.. pure greed. After my father passed away.. my brother just assumed everything although I was the oldest.. He was the closest to my Dad.. lived with him.. worked with him.. took care of him when he was really sick.. I didn't dare fight him on it.. he is my brother and I love him way more than things.

On another note.. you'd be surprised at what you are not entitled to if your husband passes.. if there is not a will.. Everything doesn't automatically get passed down to you.. for instance.. I went to change my husbands car over to my name so I could insure it.. I had to go to surrogates court.. I think the limit is 15 thousand dollars.. if his possessions amounted to over 15 thousand dollars it would have to go in front of a judge who would decide and divide his assets among his dependents.. which wouldn't be HIS PARENTS!!  His wife and his children!!  The legal ramification of death is overwhelming.

Good luck and I am so sorry that you have to go through this on top of loosing your husband.



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