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Does anyone find themselves impulsively making improvements on their house?  I don't know if it's a part of the grieving process or what.. but I can't seem to stop and I need to or I'm going to have financial problems.. a friend of mine told me that I'm the 3rd widow she knows that dove into home improvement projects after their spouse passed away.. just wondering if anyone is experiencing the same thing.. if and when or how you were able to stop.

After my late wife passed I ripped out all the landscaping and replaced it, did a complete (down to the studs) demo and remodel of the kitchen and master bath, and painted every other room in the house.

So, yes. :) I stopped when I ran out of rooms to redo.

Best wishes - Mike

I am limited in my abilities to do big projects like that!!  I'd love to though!!  I did replace my garbage disposal by myself.. which was a new adventure for me.. I wasn't about to spend 250 to have someone else do it.. the garbage disposal itself didn't cost that much! you tube is great!! I redid my oldest sons room.. updated the heating and air conditioning.. redid my laundry room and created a "family closet".. makes laundry sooo much easier.. I redid the flower beds.. redid the living room.. got a security system.. and am working on a new back door and garage doors.. I have a lot on my list.. I even got estimates for an addition.. which the cost is insane so I quickly scratched that idea.. I'd like to put a deck on though.. but like I said.. I need to stop!!

My husband passed away in our master bathroom, so I completely gutted my entire bathroom, room, closet everything had to go. 

I've now renovated the entire house.  Top to bottom, the only thing left is the kitchen counter tops and main stairway carpeting which will happen shortly.   

I've now moved on to the outside.  Ripped up the old front walkway (it had sunk about 4 inches)

I'm not in a position to move so I've changed our house to mine. 

Not sure where I'm going to stop.  I'm running out of projects.

Wow!  Did you do that all yourself?  I'm afraid to do deconstruction/construction like that.. I want to knock out my kitchen wall to make one big living space (we've always wanted to do that.. but never got around to it).. it's a weight barring wall.. I'm scared to do somethings.. especially stuff like that! 

I never thought of it as "making it my house as apposed to ours".. but that makes sense. 

For now I have more projects than my mind can handle.. I don't know what to do first.

My husband didn't pass away in the house.. he was in the garage.. which is detached... I couldn't get rid of his car fast enough though.. so I can see how you would want to gut your room.


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