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Underlining medical condition
« on: May 20, 2016, 06:56:14 AM »
I just wanted to put this out there.. people battling with depression.. you should get your blood work done.. specifically your TSH level.. I don't know if that is included in routine blood work.. you wouldn't believe what power over our physical and mental well being this little gland has (thyroid).

I and my son have hashimotos (an autoimmune disease of the thyroid).. I also have vitiligo (white spots on my skin.. another autoimmune disease..what Michael Jackson had).. and my sister has type I diabetes, Lupus and Hashi's... the list goes on..  our bloodline seems to be plagued by autoimmune diseases.

My son was diagnosed with Hashi's.. he was in second grade.. your TSH level is supposed to be BETWEEN 1.5 to 5.. his was 686 (I will never forget that number).. we got an emergency Endo appointment with CHOP..

luckily Hashi's is very easy to treat.. 1 little pill every day.. but I didn't really look into the disease till it effected my son.  There were studies done on suicide victims.. there was an overwhelming amount of victims that suffered from under active thyroids.. if your thyroid is not working correctly is could lead to depression.. anxiety.. inability to lose weight.. no energy.. in children.. they stop growing.

 I started my son on therapy sessions.. talking to a counselor at school once sometimes twice a month.. even though nothing was wrong.. I wanted him to be used to and comfortable with talking to someone.. sometimes they just play games and talk about wrestling or football.. sometimes the conversation is much deeper.

Hashi's is not as rare as you would think.. if you live in a congested area you are more likely to develop an autoimmune disease.. there has been a steady rise of diseases that attack our own bodies.. it could be the congestion or all the artificial elements we are exposed to that are ancestors weren't.

I understand that most people here that are suffering from depression is due to the passing of their spouse.. but you might be battling under harder circumstances.
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Re: Underlining medical condition
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Thank You for making us aware  April.

You may have saved someones life. :)

Have a wonderful day,,Jeff1973


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Re: Underlining medical condition
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Thank you Jeff.. I hope it helps someone!

Have a great day!