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I didn't know I could be this mad at my child


Forgive the rant here. I'm just steaming mad right now.

My four year old is a real terror lately. She's having nightmares at night, so is exhausted during the day. When I put her down for quiet time, she starts destroying things. Tearing books apart, everything out of her dresser, pillow stuffing is every where.
I took everything out of her room. All that's left is a bed. So what does the kid do? She opens up her ileostomy bag and spills poop all over her floor.

Is it legal to tie her hands together? Anyone want to buy her? I'm telling you - it's a matter of time before she takes her bed apart.

Wow! Holy smokes. You earn mother of the year for not puttin her on the curb for someone to take home.

Rant away!! You can do this - just like you've done all the rest. Best of luck!!

It is a vicious circle. Seems like when kids don't get sleep, they get crazy and wild. Then you put them to sleep, but they aren't tired, (even though they are beyond tired) -  they stay awake and get crazier. Then when they do finally get a little bit of sleep, (not as much as they need) they wake up and are crazy from lack of sleep. Then as this goes on, you get cranky like the kids, because there is no sleep for anyone. It is a vicious cycle of tired non sleep. When they are MOST beyond tired, that is when they will REFUSE to go to sleep. Not only refuse, but insist on making your life hell. - Days where you wish you were one of "those" moms who bring out the NyQuil syrup to help     : )   


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