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I don't know if this will take or not.. I have some wild and vivid dreams.. some even from my childhood that I can remember so vividly.. There has to be some significance our dreams.. weather they're a reflection from our waking life and worries.. or they have deeper meaning.. I wanted to start a thread where people can share their dreams and comment on each others.

about a week ago I had a dream that I just can't stop thinking about.. I was on a bridge.. it was a bright sunny day.. beautiful blue sky with puffy white clouds.. It must have been a festival.. there were no cars on the bridge just lots of people walking all over.. I usually hate crowded places.. but I was not anxious.. I was having a good time.. despite the crowd.. I was at peace.. and strangely it was pretty quiet.. no loud chatter of a large crowd.. my mom was near me (within sight but not right next to me.. there were a couple people between us).. My kids were there but not within my sight.. which is odd.. because I would never allow that.. and I was not worried.. I normally would be holding their hands.. I would be freaking out if I didn't know exactly where my kids were in such a crowd...  I looked down at the crowd of people at the base of the bridge walking around on the cobble stoned ground.. I noticed the huge cords of the bridge (at least a foot thick).. I noticed a building about 100 yards from the base the bridge.. and an older style army tank next to the building.. my eyes followed up the building and I saw the American flag and noticed the beautiful bright blue sky behind it.  Then I saw a missile.. gray and huge (about the size of an army tank) falling out of the sky.. it had a pointed orange tip.. I had the urge to gather my kids.. but stood still.. I knew there wasn't time and that no one would be surviving this and that we'd all be together in about 30 seconds.. people were screaming.. but I didn't hear anything.. there was just silence.. I looked at my mom.. then briefly thought about jumping off the bridge into the water... then everything went black.. then I woke up.. I don't know if I jump off the bridge or not.

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Re: Dreams..
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April, wish I could contribute but for some reason I never remember my dreams.  Sometimes I am aware of dreaming when I first wake up but never clarity afterwards.